Get To Know Us!

"Eczema Care Make You Feel Beautiful"

We're the crew behind by A'amia Skin Salvation, and we're all about giving you an experience on your ultimate healing journey.

We know that eczema can be frustrating and we've got your back, and your arms, and your hand, and wherever you have skin! Our mission is to empower you to shine with confidence, love every inch of your skin, and provide you with quality care that not only feels good but looks FABULOUS on your vanity! 


All three of my children were diagnosed with some form of moderate to severe eczema as toddlers. The first thing their doctors offered was steroids. For me, that just wasn't option. I knew there had to be a natural solution that was gentle, healing and  wouldn't cause dependency or withdrawal. So, I gathered up my babies and went to the library -- yes, I said library. Google and YouTube wasn't what they are today 11 years ago. I specifically researched which butters and oils aid in healing, then I learned which ones combine the best for the outcome I was looking for. I studied and tested texture, effectiveness, allergy levels and so much more! Then I learned to formulate so I could achieve the same consistency and result every single time. 

After about a year of research, I got in my kitchen and started formulating. I tried every variation of formulation until I got to the version you see today. I tested our products on my babies first, then I gave it to friends and family. I got nothing but positive feedback and a suggestion to bottle it up and sell it. But I didn't. I'll admit, I was scared and a little hard headed.


It took, sleepless nights, a few sad and frustrating days and nine years, to start by A'amia Skin Salvation. My children's eczema journey inspired it all. I thought if I could get myself and my kids eczema-free, I could do it for others.

Our brand is more than skin deep. We aim to encourage you through your journey, improve your confidence and empower you mind, body and spirit by providing luxurious, natural, and effective skincare solutions.

We're so happy and honored to join your eczema care journey. Now, let's glow together!