Get To Know Us!

A close up picture of a mother lying on a table looking into the camera, her younger daughter's face  lying right, in the opposite direction, on top her smiling, and the oldest daughter on the left looking into the camera. Mood is glamorous but fun.


by A'amia Lips, Bath & Body, LLC, is a handmade, sensitive skincare line founded in October 2020 by mommy-daughter trio: Lea, Aamiyah and Malia.

The driving force behind our brand is helping moms, who are also Boss Babes, spend more quality time with their little bosses in the making.

Like you, we battle with finding the balance between getting to the bag and spending time together. Out of that battle, and let's face it, mom guilt, by A'amia Lips, Bath & Body was born.

What started as a lip gloss line, evolved into a skincare brand because for years, Malia and her older brother, Amari, have struggled with eczema. After trying over-the-counter remedies, steroids and smelly prescriptions, we decided to get in the kitchen and create our own healing. Little did we know, years later, we'd be healing more than our skin.

Creating recipes, dreaming ideas and best of all, using the products we make, helps us spend memorable moments together, strengthens our bond and draws us closer to one another. So, we thought, "What if we can help other moms do the same?"

by A'amia Lips, Bath & Body, LLC makes affordable high-end, fun, natural skincare that smells DELICIOUS, REALLY works for dry and sensitive skin, and helps you spend quality time making memories.

Our dream is that you'll start a self-care tradition that will carry on for generations.