1. What is eczema, and how can your products help out?
Eczema? It's that itch and inflammation party on your skin. Our products? They're like the bouncers, kicking out the itch and letting your skin chill. It's all about intense hydration, less scratching, and a healing vibe. Perfect for taming eczema!

2. Are your eczema goodies safe for all ages, even kiddos?
Yup, it sure is! Our eczema products are like a warm hug for the whole family, including the little ones. We keep it gentle, natural, and safe for everyone.

3. Spill the tea on those ingredients. Are they all-natural and good vibes only?
One hundred percent! We're all about the natural goodness – think shea butter, cocoa butter, and those soothing natural oils. No harsh chemicals, preservatives, parabens, cones or additives here. It's all good vibes and better skin.

4. Can I use your line alongside my prescribed eczema meds?
For sure, you can use our products in combination with your prescriptions. However, we always advise you to consult with a healthcare professional for personalized guidance, especially if you're using prescription treatments.

5. When do I start seeing that skin magic with your eczema treats?
Results can vary, Bestie, and relief from itching and dryness comes right away. For others, it may take a few days to weeks. Just remember, consistency is key to achieving bomb results.

6. Any advice on which products work best for different eczema types?
We've got you! We're all about matching your vibe to the right products. Let's chat, and we'll guide you to the perfect combo for your eczema type.

7. Are there possible side effects or things I should know?
Our products are like the easy-going friends at the party that gets along with everybody. However, it's important to check the ingredients for any known allergies. And do a little patch test before you go all in to make sure you're a match.

8. How about heavy-duty eczema struggles? Any help for us?
Absolutely! We've got heavy hitters like our Eczema Salve and Eczema Butter and more for those dealing with intense eczema. It's like the ultimate skin rescue squad.

9. Do you deliver worldwide, and how long will it take to get the goods?
We're global! Delivery times depend on your location. Expedited options are there for a speedy arrival. When you're shopping, you'll see the delivery deets during checkout.

10. What if I need to return something?
You've got a 30-day return ticket. Just make sure the product is in its original unopened container. Receipt handy, and we'll refund the product cost, minus the initial and return shipping. See our full return policy here.

There you have it – answers to your burning questions.