10 Tips to Manage Your Eczema Itch

10 Tips to Manage Your Eczema Itch

Let's dig into eczema itch. It can be so embarrassing when it rears its ugly head at the wrong time. I'm mean, we both know, there's itch and then there's that "Eczema Itch." It's on a whole other level!

But guess what? We've got your back, you neck, your scalp and that area behind your knees and at the bend of your elbows, with 10 tips to keep that itch in check and let your skin breathe easy.

First things first – create a daily ritual of bathing and moisturizing. It's the dynamic duo your skin craves. Wet wrap therapy can also be a game changer. In addition to bathing, make sure to use moisturizer that replenishes your skin's barrier, like our Eczema Butter, Eczema Oil, and Eczema Salve – your skin superheroes. Don't forget the sunscreen – yes, even if you are darker skinned. Protect yourself from sunburn itch, and steer clear of products with added fragrances.

Now, here's my favorite part: natural remedies. An oatmeal bath or a baking soda retreat, especially with colloidal oatmeal, like what's in our Coconut Milk Bath Scoops, can work wonders for soothing flareups, calming itch, fighting bacteria and restoring moisture.

Never forget the golden rule: Don't let the itch-scratch cycle take over. We know it's hard but resist the urge to excessively scratch try pinching or patting the itchy area instead.

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Using our 100% Cotton Eczema Gloves are great way to help prevent tearing your skin and risking infection.

Try your best to avoid your triggers. Know your skin's arch-nemesis and avoid them like the plague. We know it's a lot to take in that's why we created Eczema Hacks: Your Guide to Natural Relief. Add it your cart, check out for FREE and reference it on your journey to becoming eczema free.

So, let's recap. These are the top 10 tips to itch relief:
1. Use soaps and cleansers with low pH
2. Use a cold compress
3. Know your itch triggers and avoid them
4. Instead of scratching, pinch and pat the itchy area
5. Take a bleach or apple cider vinegar bath or dilute them and add to a cold compress
6. Wear soft, breathable, natural clothing
7. Avoid sitting on irritants like grass, plastic chairs, or rough carpet and upholstery with your bare legs
8. Try visualization meditation and acupuncture
9. Do wet wrap therapy
10. Moisturize throughout the day with an ointment or cream that contains ceramides

Now, grab a Skin Salvation Bundle and dive into your relief and healing. Let us know which tip becomes your ultimate go-to. Your skin will thank you later!

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